What is VESC and Why you should use it in Your Projects


We can encounter the change that the V ESC is different than the traditional ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). But, we also need to understand why it is different and better. Hence, in this tutorial, we will be seeing what VESC is and why we should use it in our projects.

What is VESC?

We need to know that VESC stands for Vedder’s Electronic Speed Controller.
Swedish engineer Benjamin Vedder developed this open-source project, hence we call it as VESC. We will see that this electronic circuit helps us to regulate/ control the speed of a DC motor.

Why should we choose VESC over standard ESC?


We can control the output parameters and protect the circuit by using a software such as ‘V ESC tool’. Also, we can limit the amount of current supplied to the motor for forward and reverse/ brake rotation. In VESC software we are able to set the maximum temperature we want our circuit to reach up to. By doing this, we can control the temperature of V ESC and the motor to keep it safe from burning too fast.

There are other advantages of V ESC, but we will see those next time. As we can already see that we have the basic reasons why we should choose V ESC over traditional ESC.

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