How to Install VNC on Raspberry Pi


In this article we will show you How to install VNC on Raspberry Pi, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a graphical desktop sharing system. It allows us to remotely control the desktop interface of one computer (running VNC Server) from another computer. We can also control mobile device (running VNC Viewer). VNC Viewer transmits the keyboard and either mouse or touch events to VNC Server. It also receives updates to the screen in return. We will see the desktop of the Raspberry Pi inside a window on our computer or mobile device. We’ll be able to control it as though we were working on the Raspberry Pi itself. VNC Connect from RealVNC is included with Raspbian OS. It consists of VNC Server (which allows us to control our Raspberry Pi remotely). It also consists of VNC Viewer (which allows us to control desktop computers remotely from our Raspberry Pi).

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Step 1: Update the Raspbian OS

Before we start working, we need to make sure that latest version of the Raspbian OS is running on PC. Make sure PC is connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Then, we need to open the terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

With this, we can update our Raspbian OS and proceed to install VNC viewer.

Step 2: Installing the VNC

Type the following in the terminal as next command.

sudo apt-get install realvnc-vnc-viewer

This process will take time depending upon the internet speed.

Step 3: Enable the VNC

Type the following as the next command:

sudo raspi-config

It will take you into the configuration section. Select ‘Interfacing Options’. After that, select ‘VNC’, and enable it. After enabling it, we can see the icon on top right corner of the screen. We can check our IP address by double clicking on it and note the IP address.

Step 4: Final connection for VNC and Raspberry Pi

After signing in, go to and select the connection with Raspberry Pi. Then go to the downloads, and then into VNC viewer. Download the package according the OS in your computer and install it.
After opening VNC viewer, input the IP address.

We will see a window following our input. By default, the username is ‘pi’ and password is ‘raspberry’. To shutdown, type following:

sudo shutdown

This will shutdown the Raspberry Pi under a minute.

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