About us

Hello, there! A warm welcome to you upon visiting our website. If you’re interested in making project in the field of Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT, and 3D modelling/Printing; you’ve landed on just the right platform. Even if you aren’t an enthusiast of this field, by checking the website you might just open a new window of exploration in a new field.
We started with the YouTube channel named as “Nematic!” on 17th June 2016. We began our scale of our projects with simple, basic electronics projects like IC555, CD4017, LM358, etc. Since then, we have been working on several projects spanning in diverse fields like Bluetooth, IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3D modelling/Printing. The other fields of electronics such as different types of microcontrollers, various type of coding methods to ensure smooth functioning of our projects and detailed description of all our projects on YouTube have been constantly updated. And having gained considerable success in this arena, we decided to take a bigger leap by having our own website where all the content consumers of “Nematic!” on YouTube and elsewhere can find all the required information at one single platform and have a better and flawless communication with founder of “Nematic!”, Mr. Nemeen Shah, regarding his projects and queries therein. We have also planned to expand our business by opening a portal here on NematicsLab.com such that the users can find the items required for their desired projects in hassle-free manner. You can get all the updates about the website, upcoming projects, previous projects, and business details on this website. Such that any communication from any type of user is uninterrupted.

As time passes, we will be coming with a number of projects and business and collaboration, in this field; and an exploration of other fields of technology to experiment with. We hope that you find the website useful for all your projects and endeavours in this field. We hope your experience with NematicsLab.com is a memorable one as well. We also hope that you, the users, and we, the creators, can together create, explore and make some awesome projects in upcoming time!

Nemeen Shah
Mr. Nemeen Shah
Founder of NematicsLab
(Formerly known as Nematic!)