Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi : Which one is better?


Hello, in this article we are going to take a look at the most popular debate amongst DIY project builders which is “Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi” , which is better? or which one should I use in my Project?,

So, without any further ado Let’s get started!

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Why Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi?           

First of all, why are these two always compared to one another?  Maybe because they are similar in size and you can make a lot of projects with both of them. This comparison is more like comparing a regular Phone with a smartphone and here is why!

What is Arduino?

Lets first take a look at an Arduino, this is what you want to go for if all you care about is reading sensors data, controlling motors and other stuff like display some data on a LCD or even add a Bluetooth module for some wireless communication, hence making it perfect for building robots and radio controlled car.

Arduino UNO 1

The Heart of this Arduino is this IC, which is a Microcontroller made by Atmel. These microcontrollers have everything on them to Store, Run and Execute Program within the Chip itself. And they (do not consume much power) are not that power hungry. These Arduino comes in various form factors like UNO, Nano and Mega. And as said earlier you can add bunch of sensors to it like Ultrasonic, Bluetooth, Nrf24 and much more.

But for programming an Arduino you still need to connect it to a computer and write code in C/C++ Programming Language using Arduino IDE which is the most Popular choice for DIY Builders. But once you have uploaded the code to it, it will run that code Over and Over again until reprogrammed, so you just need to connect it to computer once for Programming.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Whereas a Raspberry Pi has a lot more power to it, unlike Arduino, Raspberry pi has a Microprocessor, which means Raspberry pi is a Full computer but in a really tiny form factor. It has USB ports, HDMI, audio output and On-board Wi-fi and Bluetooth chip. Hence, its different from an Arduino.

Raspberry Pi uses MicroSD card to run its own Operating System, Most popular one is Raspbian which is based on Linux distribution.

Why are they compared?

Then why do these two get compared so much? Well, the answer is that Raspberry Pi has GPIOs. Which are General purpose Input Output pins similar to Arduinos and can be programmed to control electronics. But unlike Arduino, these pins can be programmed within the Operating System of Pi. But this time around it uses Python which is really easy to learn. And yes, you can use almost all sensors on Raspberry pi.

Conclusion: Which one is better Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

So finally, which one should you use in Your project? Answer is simple if all you want to do is make a robot which read some data. From sensor and does its job then Arduino is your way to go. But let’s say you have a webcam on your robot and you want to do something. Like Facial Recognition then you need to use Raspberry pi since it has processor it can do that job. You can also make webserver or smart home assistant like Alexa using raspberry pi. I have a video on that you can check it out!

So, I hope I have answered your all questions, if you have any more then leave them down in comment section below, So that’s pretty much it for this tutorial guys . I hope you enjoyed this.

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