LED Dimmer using IC 555 | DIY


We use LED lights almost everywhere to light up the space or a room. But sometimes, we find it difficult to deal with the brightness in the night time. So, in this project, we will see how to make a LED dimmer using IC555. We can acheived control over brightness of these LED lights according to the surroundings. So lets make LED Dimmer

Everything we need,

Part List:

  1. IC555
  2. 50k POT
  3. IRLZ44N
  4. 1N4007
  5. 10nF
  6. 100nF
  7. IC Socket


  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder wire
  3. Helping Hands
  4. Hot Glue

Schematics & Gerber File,

Step 1: Acquiring the components

We need to have a LED strip as a basic component. We can also add buck converter to lower the voltage. Although, we might face a problem as the current that can be handled by buck converter is same as current drawn by LED. So, we need to use PWM.

Step 2: Assembling PWM circuit

We can assemble a PWM circuit and decrease the voltage value by 25,50,75% of the original voltage. We can assemble the circuit on the breadboard to see if it works. All we need is IC555, diodes, resistors, and a potentiometer. We can also make a PCB and assemble the components.

Step 3: Additional attachments and final tests

As IC555 can handle a maximum of 200 mA, we need to add additional MOSFET. We will use IRFZ44N Mosfet. After adding MOSFET and connecting the circuit to LED, this project will be complete.

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