How to get 18650 Cells from Dead Laptop Batteries


When we test the projects on lab bench, we can use the power supply. But when we need portable projects, we need to have portable power supply such as 18650 Li-ion batteries. But, these batteries might be expensive on the internet. In this tutorial, we will see how to recover 18650 Li-ion cells from dead laptop batteries.

Electronics Starter kit Tools:

Step 1: Finding the dead batteries

We can find the dead batteries from nearby scrapyard. Or we can recover the pack from dead laptops. Or we can get these battery packs online as they’re pretty easy to find.

Step 2: Taking the batteries out

We can remove the plastic covering of the battery pack. By using screwdriver, we can press on the weak spot and then use brute force to tear the cover. Once done, we repeat the same procedure for rest of the battery packs.

Step 3: Separating the individual batteries

After removing all the batteries, we need to separate the circuits and the batteries apart. But we do not need to throw the circuit, as we can use the circuits in our future projects. We can also remove the metal strips using the diagonal cutter from the batteries.

Step 4: Charging the cells

We need to charge the cells in order to use them in future projects. We should check the voltage of all cells. If the cell voltage is 3V and above, it is a good cell. If it’s between 2.5-3V, it is an average cell. But it the cell has below 2.5V, we need to throw that cell as it is not useful. We can charge the cells using TP4056 module or imax charger. In the final step, we need to see the capacity of the cells.

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