How to Program ESP01

Introduction, In this tutorial, we will have a look at ESP01 Wi-Fi module and learn how you can program it using Arduino IDE, which can be really useful if you only wish to control few GPIOs Pins, So lets see how to use it! Everything we need, FTDI or Arduino ESP01 Wifi Module Jumper Cables …

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Home Automation using NodeMCU | ESP8266 | Blynk

Introduction In this tutorial you will learn how to make simple home automation system using blynk environment and NodeMCU (ESP8266). So without any further a do lets get started! Materials & supplies Part List: ESP8266 2N3904 Transistor 5V Relay Resistors 1N4007 Diode Screw Terminal Tools: Soldering Iron Solder wire Helping Hands Schematic Step 1: Choosing …

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